Midstereo FA2410

Desktop glassless 3D display(All-in-one)

Full HD 1080P(In both 2D and 3D mode)
Content with existing stereoscopic videos and 3D games
Comfortable viewing angle within ±20 degree
24 inches

Product Synopsis

The key function of the product is to create immersive 3D experience for users without any glasses. The directional backlight based technique provides Full high definition (FHD) for single eye, combined with wide high brightness. This new design provides users with a stunning visual fidelity for the glassless 3D viewing. Sparked by its compatibility with existing stereoscopic videos and 3D games, the product is ready for prime time entertainment making it a full-fledged product.


  Stunning visual fidelity
  Full HD 1080P(In both 2D and 3D mode)
  Global low crosstalk within entire screen for comfortable viewing
  Compatible data content format with existing stereoscopic videos and 3D games
  Equipped with eye tracking technique for smooth 3D display
  Automatic and smart 2D/3D switching

Product positioning

  The product adapts completely with existing 3D data contents, including videos and computer games with stereoscopic 3D data format. Immersive glass-free 3D experience is now realized as a new way to playing existing 3D games, making them more realistic and therefore more enjoyable.
  Research result on Applied Optics reveal that human-eye recognition of 3D image is 13.182% higher than that of 2D image [Applied optics, 54(28), E224-E234, 2015]. Perception of image can be enhanced with the product, in comparison to that with Full HD 1080P 2D monitor. The product can be an effective display platform in professional visualization, e. g. Education of surgical operation, etc. Our technology successfully improves the glass-free 3D viewing with the patented optical and electronic design; making it a full-fledged product supported a large amount of existing 3D video and games.