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Midstereo will officially announce world’s first 24’’ desktop glasses-less 3D display with glasses-assisted quality at CES 2017

Guangzhou, China, December 12, 2016 – Guangzhou Mid Technology Co. Ltd (Midstereo) officially announce world’s first 24” desktop glasses-less 3D display with full resolution and global low crosstalk at CES, January 5 – 8, 2017.

The Midstereo product, a 24” desktop naked-eye 3D display FD2410 performed very well and it attracted a great deal of attention in the CES. Let us verify this with the following figures: Midstereo was ranked top 1% among over 4000 exhibitors from the web browse, showing a general interest to new naked-eye 3D display technology. We were one of the 84 featured exhibitors by CES. Midstereo was presented during CES 2017 as an innovation award by SVIEF, a leading platform for promoting business between China and USA.

We are very fortunate to be in a transition period that 3D display is irreversibly replacing 2D. While we are now witnessing a rapid development in display with various new technologies such as HDR, quantum dots, flexible, among others, we believe that only adding another dimension in display will revolutionize the industry, which explains why the VR/AR has been flourishing in recent years.

Midstereo is dedicated to provide the world best naked-eye 3D display technology and system to apply eventually to VR/AR without assisting goggles. This effort was awarded by a large number of turnout in our stand. We hope that our naked-eye 3D display is a truly Whoa technology judged by viewers’ reaction to our display system.