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Wuhan Huangpi District People’s Government and Guangzhou Mid technology sign strategic cooperation agreement.

  April 21, 2016, Huangpi District government in Wuhan city signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Guangzhou Mid technology (Foshan Yingshiton technology). The company has been ensured of full support by the District government for MiD’s R&D and for the production of desktop glassless 3D display.

  Zuyun Wu , Mayor of Huangpi District, Wuhan City, expressed his congratulation on the success of the cooperation. He remarked that the district government is trying the best on promoting high-tech industries in recent years. Glassless 3D display has been projected to be a new generation of display technology and that the Guangzhou Mid technology will be playing important leading role on the Huangpi’s development for the high-tech industries. He wishes that a win-win business relationship can be established effectively.

  Guangzhou Mid technology is the leading provider developer of glass-free 3D display technology. Full HD, full color and global low crosstalk glass-free 3D display has been realized. We are able to offer high quality glass-free 3D experience for favorite computer games, such as world of Warcraft, league of legends. etc. 3D display has shown its ability to improve the accuracy and efficiency of micro-surgeries for medical applications.

  MiDer holds a number of important independent intellectual property rights for glassless 3D displays. It has been awarded with numerical rewards in various international events.

  Jianying Zhou and Zeying Fan, the founders of the company, and Tingting Liu, the general manager, attended the signing ceremony.